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ITMO Physicists Discover New Physical Effect

The scientists called it the anomalous exciton Hall effect. It occurs when a laser affects a semiconductor plate in the presence of a magnetic field. This phenomenon can be potentially used for studying exciton quasiparticles. The research is published in Physical Review Letters.

ITMO Researchers Create MRI Antennas That Allow For Better MRI Scans

Thanks to this invention, MRI scanners used in research can become more powerful, improving the quality of acquired images without risks for the patient’s health. ITMO scientists developed the device together with their colleagues at the M-Cube international project. The research is published in Nature Communications. 

What Can AI Tell About Us Through Our Social Media Profiles

How do human behavior and social media profiles change? What can our Facebook or VK accounts say to artificial intelligence developers? How can data from our profiles be used for various algorithms? Andrey Filchenkov, PhD, the head of ITMO University’s Machine Learning Lab, answers these questions in an ITMO.NEWS article.

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