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The call for applications for the James Dyson Award is now open to young inventors, as well as current and recent engineering students. Each winner will receive 3 million rubles (30,000 pounds sterling) for the best solutions to everyday issues and global challenges. Among the previous winning projects are renewable energy technologies, new eco-friendly plastics, and devices for detecting cancer and other diseases.

Participants must describe the process of creating their invention, explain how it works, and communicate its importance. The board will nominate projects that demonstrate easy-to-understand and iterative approaches, tackle real challenges, and provide a proof of concept, pictures, and videos.

In 2020, the winners were Anastasia Balabanova, a student of the St. Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design, and Artemii Zenkin, an ITMO student, who developed Health Care Toothbrush – a smart toothbrush capable of monitoring its owner’s health.

This year, the competition offers two grand prizes (3 million rubles / 30,000 pounds sterling each) for winners in the general and sustainable development categories. But, first, each country and territory participating in the competition will select a national winner (200,000 rubles / 2,000 pounds sterling) and two national runners-up. The winners of this stage will advance to the international rounds.

If you’d like to participate in the contest, you can submit your application on this website by June 30.


The competition’s website