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British Royals Acknowledge Video360 Arctic Footage

Several months ago, Northern (Arctic) Federal University (NArFU) made a proposition to specialists from ITMO's Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations — to participate in an expedition of the Arctic Floating University and create a report in the video-360 format. The video turned out so good that it was highly rated by the British delegation led by Princess Anna. The Princess's husband, vice-admiral Tim Laurence liked it so much that he expressed a wish to participate in the annual NArFU's expedition.

The delegation's visit was at the time of the 75th anniversary of the arrival of the first Allied convoy «Dervish» in the port of Arkhangelsk. According to Mr. Denis Stolyarov, engineer for ITMO's Design and Multimedia Center and head of the Video360Production project, the video was specially prepared during the expedition in June. The film was synced by a British studio, Superb Films Corporation Limited.

«Our operator participated in a research expedition on the „Professor Molchanov“ icebreaker research vessel, as the most experienced representative of our team. He already had vast experience working with the video-360 format. During his trip he not filmed work necessary for his research and the nature up North, but also the educational process, life and master classes on the icebreaker. The impression made by the film is colossal. It's immensely beautiful, as it truthfully reflects the uniqueness of the North, so you just can't stop watching it. The vice-admiral and his wife's reaction to the film was a pleasant surprise, as well», — shares Mr. Stolyarov.

The expert noted that it was first time for the vice-admiral to use a VR headset and experience the video-360 format. The vice-admiral promised to come next year to visit the icebreaker and watch the work of the students.

We'd like to note that Arctic Floating University's expeditions are conducted every year. Students from Russia's different universities spend 20 days conducting experiments, researching the flora and fauna in places where the icebreaker stops, gather geological, hydrological and meteorological data. Every year the Arctic Floating University goes a different route. This year, it left Arkhangelsk for the Novaya Zemlya archipelago.

We'd like to add that the Video360Production team actively works on all aspects of video-360 filming. Recently, the specialist’s competencies were used in preparing a video for the Japanese Subaru car manufacturer. Also, the team will soon help Hermitage's staff to introduce VR into the museums work. This way, art admirers will be able to visit the closed-off areas of the museum. Also, with the help of ITMO's experts, the citizens will get a chance to peek into the lives of the Hermitage's cats.