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Business to Education: Opportunities, Challenges and Contacts

Representatives of ITMO University took part in the 10th St. Petersburg Partneriat 2016 (meeting of partners) at which they discussed with their colleagues the interaction between modern higher education bodies with companies and business entities. The meeting fused together experts from HR departments and such Russian universities as Higher School of Economics and St. Petersburg State University.

Published on 25/03 /2016

“People Need You!” to Support High School Students` Social Projects

The competition for social projects “People Need You!” initiated by ITMO University opened its` doors for high school students offering them to present their projects and get valuable prizes! Participating in training sessions the students will gain experience in PR strategies, SMM methods and communication with partners.

Published on 25/03 /2016

Interaction with the Government: ITMO Students Offered Fresh Ideas

Master`s students of State Information Systems Management Chair took part in the seminar devoted to online services of St. Petersburg. The experts of Committee on IT and Communications talked about the modern technologies that helped departments of the Government to contact each other and interact with society. The meeting took place at Situational Center of St. Petersburg, which previously reached the cooperation agreement with heads of this Chair.

Published on 23/03 /2016

Accelerator iDealMachine Turns Four

Four years ago, on March 15 ITMO University launched venture fund and startup accelerator iDealMachine. Currently it is a successful organization with 23 portfolio companies, two unique systems for dealing with projects and honorary title of one of the best world`s accelerators. Sergei Fradkov, one of iDeal Machine`s heads, shared the accelerator's achievements and plans for the future.

Published on 22/03 /2016

ITMO’s Software to Be Used Across the Country

ITMO University’s software for high accuracy satellite positioning will be implemented in the new national geodetic coordinate system GCS-2011. To facilitate this endeavour, an agreement was signed for collaboration between the university and the “Center for Geodesy, Cartography and Spatial Data Infrastructure” (CGC&SDI, part of the Federal Service for State Registration Cadastre and Cartography (ROSREESTR)). As a result of this initiative previously imported software from abroad can give way to home-grown developments in the field of geodetic systems.

Published on 22/03 /2016

Modern Universities: How to Combine Education, Science and Commercialization

The representatives of ITMO University took part in St. Petersburg Industrial Congress, which took part on March 15-17. Nina Yanykina, head of Project Management and Innovation Department, Oleg Malsagov, advisor to rector, and Sergei Fradkov, one of the heads of startup accelerator iDeal Machine, discussed with colleagues new tendencies in innovative activities of modern universities and the gap between science and industry.

Published on 22/03 /2016

Citius, Altius, Fortius: ITMO University Among the Leaders of Project 5-100

ITMO University was selected among the leaders of the 5-100 Russian Academic Excellence Project for 2015 at the meeting of the International Council on Competitiveness Enhancement of Leading Russian Universities among Global Research and Education Centers in Moscow on March 18 – 19, 2016. On the basis of its' success and plans for further development, ITMO University is to be awarded 900 million rubles in subsidies for 2016.

Published on 21/03 /2016

ITMO University to Take Part in BRICS Network University

ITMO University is going to join BRICS Network University, an educational and research project supported by largest universities of BRICS countries. As the other countries Russia has approved 12 institutions that would offer various training courses for international students.

Published on 18/03 /2016

Welcome to ITMO University: Education Opportunities for Foreign Students

To come to St. Petersburg for two weeks to study or to work at a lab for a few years – foreign students, interested in studying at ITMO University can choose a variety of paths and formats to decipher “the mysterious Russian soul.”

Published on 18/03 /2016

Predicting the Flu using Mathematical Models

It was a debilitating winter this year in the Northern Capital: between November and February, St. Petersburg Hospitals treated more than 6,500 people with the flu, according to media reports. All pharmacies were not even adequately equipped with the necessary medication and medical masks. This year’s epidemic broke the records of previous years which was a surprise for many. In connection with this, at the end of the last century, a mathematical model was developed in Russia for predicting the spread of the flu, which worked successfully and which ITMO University specialists are currently trying to rework for our current reality. Vasiliy Leonenko, an engineer at the Research Institute of High-Tech Computer Technologies, and a participant in ITMO University’s recent Science Slam, expands on this further.

Published on 18/03 /2016

Urbanism of the Future: City Farms, Floods and Comfort

For the first time in history, more people are living in cities than in rural areas. The demands of society are growing too quickly, and it’s impossible to tell what things will be like even in a decade. Willy Müller, a Spanish urbanist and futurist and the founder of the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, spoke about the challenges of urban development at the presentation of the Russian-Spanish Conference on Urban Development scheduled to take place in St. Petersburg in June 2016, initiated by ITMO University’s Institute of Urban Design.

Published on 17/03 /2016

Researchers from India and Russia – Partnering Up on a Project

Scientists from ITMO University’s International Research Center for Nanophotonics and Metamaterials together with colleagues from the Indian city of Chandigarh will work on a joint project to develop the components for photonic integrated circuits. A representative from ITMO university went to India where he discussed with his Indian colleagues the progress of the work and plans for the future.

Published on 17/03 /2016

From Scientists to Entrepreneurs: Future Technologies Bridges the Gap

Graduates of ITMO University’s Future Technologies Accelerator program were amongst the winners, announced in early March, of the “Start” program, a fund established for the small business development in the field of science and technology. The teams ColorIT, InNavi and Brelock will each receive two million rubles each for the successful advancement of their projects.

Published on 16/03 /2016

English Grammar: Not Boring and Very Exciting

Raymond Murphy, author of the world's best-selling grammar books English Grammar in Use came to ITMO University to present the new issue of his book and also share his experience with ITMO`s English language tutors.

Published on 16/03 /2016

High North for Youth: ITMO`s Ecologist Presented the Best Arctic Case Solution

Elena Bykovskaya, lecturer of Chair of Ecology and Technical Sphere Protection, took part in “The Arctic. Made in Russia” forum. The expert presented, together with colleagues, a project for Arctic gas fields’ development. Ms. Bykovskaya talked about the importance of Arctic shelf exploration and opportunities for young engineers and geologists.

Published on 15/03 /2016