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Grants competition of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) announces the launch of applications for participation in the competition for graduate students and young scientists to receive scholarships to study in the university centers in Germany. 

Published on 01/10 /2014

Competition "People need you!" becomes international

City intercollegiate competition of social projects "People need you!" will be held this year in conjunction with the University of California (UCLA), which became possible thanks to the victory of the ITMO University in the contest for proposals under the program "Russian-American Peer to Peer Partnership”. 

Published on 14/09 /2014

The "5 to 100" at the conference EAIE-2014

On 16-19 of September the 26th Annual Conference of the European Association for International Education EAIE-2014 will be held in Prague. The Russian delegation headed by Alexander Povalko, the deputy minister of education and science of the Russian Federation, will present the program for improving the competitiveness of Russian universities of the world's leading scientific and educational centers - "5 to 100". In the large-scale European event in the field of internationalization of higher education the ITMO University will participate for the first time. 

Published on 10/09 /2014

The founding congress of the Alumni Association of the ITMO University

September 26-27, in the auditorium of the main building of the ITMO University the founding congress of the Alumni Association will be held. The congress will be attended by graduates of all faculties and years of graduation.

Published on 02/09 /2014

New brand of ITMO University

The 114-year history of the ITMO University continues in a new way. A leading Russian university in the field of information and photonic technologies, the only five-time champion of the student world programming championship ACM-ICPC, one of the national research universities in Russia, changes the brand on September 1. The academic year 2014/2015 begins with a new logo and slogan «It's More Than a University». This is an external reflection of global changes, occurring at the University, aimed at improving the international competitiveness. 

Published on 31/08 /2014

Science of the future is not far off

On 17-20 of September the first international conference "Science of the Future" will be held in St. Petersburg. The conference is dedicated to the integration of Russian science in the global scientific community. The main theme of the conference will be the discussion on the results of work of laboratories created in Russian universities within the RF Government Decree №220. In 2012-2013, some of such laboratories were opened at the ITMO University. 

Published on 17/09 /2014

Romeo Ortega: the ITMO University, Russian scientific schools and students

The ITMO University is the winner of several competitions for mega-grants of the Russian Government. As part of one of these grants an international project was organized. Romeo Ortega, the known scientist in the field of analysis and synthesis of automatic control systems, was invited for participation. 

Published on 22/08 /2014

iNOW-2014: impressions and prospects

In St. Petersburg, the International Nano-Optoelectronics Workshop (iNOW-2014) completed its work. Within the event, organized by the ITMO University in conjunction with the St. Petersburg Academic University, scientists from around the world discussed the key issues of modern science and shared information on the latest developments in the field of nano-optoelectronics. 

Published on 22/08 /2014

Gennady Korotkevich and Eugene Kapun are the winners of Google Code Jam

On Friday, August 15, the final of a major international programming contest was held in Los Angeles. The contest has been organized by Google since 2003 to identify talented young people and the search for new employees. This year, students of the ITMO University Gennady Korotkevich and Eugene Kapun have won the first and second place of the prestigious tournament. 

Published on 18/08 /2014

Elagin Island, robots, Geek Picknic

The ITMO University took part in the festival of technology, science and art Geek Picknic-2014, held on 9-10 of August at the Elagin Island. At the annual scientific picnic students and staff of the University have presented their developments in the field of laser technology and robotics

Published on 10/08 /2014

ITMO University creates Alumni Association

In order to enable this continuous interaction the ITMO University generates a single database of all graduates, which will be the basis for the creation of the Alumni Association.

Published on 21/04 /2014

The opening of the International Nano-Optoelectronics Workshop iNOW-2014

Last Sunday the International Nano-Optoelectronics Workshop (iNOW-2014), founded in 2006 by the University of Berkeley, was opened in Luga. The event is a logical continuation of a series of summer schools, workshops, held annually in the largest university centers of the world. The organizers of the event from the northern capital are the St. Petersburg Academic University and the ITMO University. 

Published on 13/08 /2014

Student of the ITMO University has won the GECCO diploma

It is believed that the Russian developments in the field of artificial intelligence are much inferior to the Western ones. However, it is not so. At the meeting in mid-July in Vancouver at the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference GECCO 2014 representatives of the ITMO University have presented five reports. Igor Buzhinsky, the sixth-year student was awarded a diploma for the best work. 

Published on 25/07 /2014

ITMO University Graduate Is Ready for Solving the Problem of Children's Prosthetics

How to build a lunar rover? When human lives will be fully automated? What is the role of robots in rehabilitation medicine? These and many other questions were answered by Ilya Chekh, the graduate of Fine Mechanics and Technology Department and the member of the VI Science Slam, which was held in St. Petersburg recently. 

Published on 28/07 /2014

StartUp Cup 2014 Kicks Off in Saint Petersburg

Applications are now accepted for StartUp Cup, the second federal Cup of business models. International program of promotion and development of business will be held in several cities in Russia. The cup will consist of several stages, during which budding businessmen led by mentors and experts will create their own business projects and check their viability in the real world. 

Published on 18/07 /2014