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The New Mandatory Russian Exam for Foreign Applicants – Is There Anything to Worry About?

The Ministry of Education and Science is planning to introduce a mandatory examination in Russian for foreign students. This initiative drew a wide response in the media, as well as concern and suspicion from some experts. Nataliya Kondrasheva, Head of ITMO University’s Department of Russian as a Foreign Language, shared her opinion on the subject.

Published on 16/09 /2016

Why Sugar the Pill: Indian Scientists on How Sweet Pills Make Treatment More Effective

The sour taste of some drugs makes the treatment process even more intolerable. To ease the patient's lives, biochemistry scientists search for ways to mask out the taste of some drugs. Among those are Indian researchers from the Institute of Chemical Technology - professors Padma Devarajan and Mariam Degani, who work on such methods using molecular modeling methods.

Published on 15/09 /2016

FAQ: How to Become a Game Developer

Gamers can be successful businessmen, scientists and even artists by connecting their hobby with studying and work. E-science Research Institute of ITMO University has presented GameCore, a new student educational project accessible for everybody. In the interview for our portal its’ organizers share what they are going to reach and why.

Published on 15/09 /2016

"Smart Home": Apps, Advices, Solutions

Recently, there have been more and more gadgets and technologies for creating a "smart home" that can solve tasks on its own and add new functions to common things. Still, there is yet to be a model clever house, and it's not an easy task to decide how to start turning your "stupid" flat into “intellectual” living space. We've tried to answer this question and gathered some info that might help you to get a better grasp of all these new technologies.

Published on 14/09 /2016

Education and Business - a Young Entrepreneur Talks About Startups and His University Experience

One's education is not necessarily something that determines one's career. Sometimes, one's university friends play a greater role, as they can become future colleagues or business partners. Mahach Haibaev, a former student of ITMO University, decided to give up on education for business - and founded his own shoe manufacturing company, "Migliori". In an interview for our portal, he talked about what he got from his education, why one can only depend on oneself and why loving one's work is the way to success.

Published on 14/09 /2016

ITMO's Graduate Ilya Czech on How to Develop the Prosthesis Market in Russia

As of now, the prosthesis market in Russiamostly consists of expensive imported devices or outlived Soviet models. Ilya Czech, a graduate of ITMO University founded the Motorika company that is the only national platform for upper limb prosthesis development. The company's team has developed and implemented a modern hand prosthesis and now work on a forearm prostheses; the plans for the future include a ulnar module and a shoulder prosthesis. For its accomplishments in science and technology, "Motorika" got into the short-list of the "Made in Russia" award by the media project "Snob". In an interview for our portal, Ilya talked about the difficulties related to opening such a company in Russia, developing sought-after prostheses and the most promising technologies in this field.

Published on 13/09 /2016

ITMO's Student Re-Purposed an Arts Device for Space Industry Needs

Elvira Timofeeva, a student for the Department of Optical-Electronic Devices and Systems participated in a 5-months internship program at the Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands). At its Aerospace Engineering Department, the student worked on a peculiar project called SYDDARTA. She had to modernize a hyperspectral device that is used for assessing the aging process in artistic canvas for future use in the aerospace industry..

Published on 13/09 /2016

The New NANO-year in Saint Petersburg

This weekend, the "NANOyear on the Aptekarski" science festival for school students and teachers took place in Saint Petersburg. This year, the organizers decided to focus on startups: for this, ITMO organized an interactive exhibition of the projects done at the University.

Published on 13/09 /2016

The University of Children: Their Dreams and Plans for the Future

The new academic year at the University of Children started last Sunday. During the lectures at ITMO University, the young and curious learned of the properties of fresh and salty water and were told about robots. Saint Petersburg State University's Department of Ichthyology and Hydrobiology Research Associate Ms Marina Katolikova and ITMO's Research student and member of FabLab Mr Eugeny Anfimov were the one to pass the knowledge, trying to explain complex topics in simple terms. In this article, we've gathered opinions of both children and parents, who sound really fond of these lectures.

Published on 12/09 /2016

Portuguese Scientist Talks About Optical Technologies

During the METANANO-2016 conference, Mario Silverinya, a scientist from the University of Lisbon, talked about the possibilities of topological effects in continuous systems - something that was deemed impossible not so long ago. This can lead to the creation of wave guides where light won’t dissipate, as well as contribute to technologies for decreasing the size and increasing efficiency of electronic components. In an interview for our portal, he spoke of light manipulation and the importance of popularizing science.

Published on 12/09 /2016

Transport of the Future: A Foresight Session at the Anichkov Palace

The "Right Rudder!" festival on transport and traffic has just finished in Saint Petersburg. During the festival a foresight session has been conducted where school students and university students made forecasts for the development of the transport systems of the country.

Published on 12/09 /2016

METANANO-2016: Best Reports and Future Collaboration

The international METANANO conference on nanophotonics and metamaterials has just finished in Anapa. During these 5 days scientists presented more than a hundred reports, negotiated on future collaborations (including the creation of an affiliated department at ITMO university), as well as enjoyed one of Russia's most sunny cities. This article is on the conference's best reports, results, and plans for METANANO-2017.

Published on 10/09 /2016

Innovation Russian-Style

A delegation of international students studying Russia and Finland’s innovation market visited St. Petersburg. Startupers from ITMO University talked to them about launching a startup in Russia.

Published on 09/09 /2016

Quantum Perspectives: Present and Future Tech

Scientists from the most promising field of science came to participate in the METANANO-2016 international conference in Anapa. Quantum communications and everything related to them is the latest trend in science that is already being implemented and gets funding from many sources. For instance, the UN is planning to invest a billion euros into quantum technologies. Alexey Rubtsov, a visiting scientist at METANANO, leads a research team of the Russian Quantum Center and is also a professor at Moscow State University and Chief Research Associate for the All-Russian Research Institute of Automatics (VNIIA). In an interview for our portal, he talked about his research, the development of quantum technology in Russia and its possible applications.

Published on 09/09 /2016

British Royals Acknowledge Video360 Arctic Footage

Several months ago, Northern (Arctic) Federal University (NArFU) made a proposition to specialists from ITMO's Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations - to participate in an expedition of the Arctic Floating University and create a report in the video-360 format. The video turned out so good that it was highly rated by the British delegation led by Princess Anna. The Princess's husband, vice-admiral Tim Laurence liked it so much that he expressed a wish to participate in the annual NArFU's expedition.

Published on 09/09 /2016