ITMO University



Development of technology for automatic clustering of speakers ' voices in the arrays of undefined data to solve the problems of voice biometrics

  • Date start 10 Jul 2015
  • Date end 07 Jul 2018
  • Head Yuri Matveev

Development of technology for automatic bimodal face and voice verification with protection against the use of false biometric samples

  • Date start 10 March 2016
  • Date end 06 Jul 2019
  • Head Yuri Matveev

Synthesis of emotional speech based on deep learning

Synthesis of emotional speech on the basis of generative adversarial networks

  • Date start 09 January 2018
  • Date end 06 Jul 2019
  • Head Kaliyev Arman

Principles of intelligent information and communication systems for a comfortable user experience of the information space

Creation of Research Institute "BioEngineering"

School Chemestry for life

Development and application of artificial sensory systems for solving of a wide range of real-world tasks

  • Date start 09 October 2013
  • Date end 12 Jul 2014
  • Head Legin A.V.