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Photonics and optics

Currently, the direction of photonics and optics is included in the list of priority directions of development of science and technology in many leading countries with highly developed technologies (USA, Great Britain, South Korea, countries of the European Union). There is virtually no area of human activity where photonic and optic technology is not used. Today the global photonics market is estimated at €350 billion and is expected to reach €600 billion by the year 2020. According to experts the production volume of photonics in Europe is growing at an average rate of 8% per year and this industry has a huge potential in the global market.

In ITMO University the field of " Photonics and Optics " is one of the priority directions of development which is evidenced by the substantial material and technical background, international recognition of scientific schools in this field and a long and fruitful cooperation with both Russian and foreign representatives of science and business. The leading scientists from top universities (University of Rochester, Australian National University, Technical University of Berlin, and University of California) conduct joint research with the ITMO University colleagues in the most promising fields of science.