ITMO University


Intellectual technologies and robotics

Nowadays robotics is one of the most rapidly developing areas of science and technology, enhancing the efficiency of production processes and competitiveness of industrial enterprises. The significance of robotics development both in Russia and abroad lies in its impact on other industries. In absolute terms the volume of deliveries of robots is inferior to other segments of the market of high technologies. But already in the nearest future development of robotics will have a dramatic impact on labor productivity, quality and accuracy of the operations. According to experts’ opinion the introduction of robots into the world economy will grow at 5 % annually. Robots are actively used in the defense industry, in medicine, in processing, packaging and logistics, automotive industry, etc.

ITMO University is one of the leaders in the field of robotics and information security in the world. Our students annually become prize-winners of world championships in programming, robotics and data protection. Every year ITMO University organizes a festival of mechatronics and robotics. The University works with leading Russian and international companies by performing contract research and implementing joint projects.