ITMO University


Information Technologies in Economy, Social Sciences and Art

Today the market of information technologies is one of the fastest growing in the world. Information technologies are embedded in virtually all areas of human activities, including such areas as economics, arts and social environment.

Without the use of information technologies it is impossible to imagine the effective functioning of the economy of both individual businesses and the state as a whole. Social sphere is not an exception; application of information technologies plays a crucial role in its development and functioning. In its turn, the application of information technologies in the arts opens up new opportunities for the development of this area of human activities.

ITMO University scientists conduct research on a wide range of problems in the sphere of information technologies’ application in the economy, the social sphere and arts.

Within this research area ITMO University cooperates with the world-acknowledged research organizations and individuals, such as: Peter Sloot from University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Kurt Zandkuhl from University of Rostock (Germany), Campis Jiorgy from Budapest University named after Lorand Etvesh (Hungary), Roge Narboni, the internationally-known light designer and Director of the company ConceptoStudio (France), etc.