ITMO University


Research and Development Council

Research and Development Council spearheads the scientific and teaching work in the high-priority research areas, continuing education, involving most talented students in research and helping them succeed in research careers. It is an advisory body with the office of the University Rector.


Council Chair

Vladimir Nikiforov, PhD
Vice-rector for Research

Vice Chair

Aleksander Baranenko, PhD

Director of Institute of Refrigeration and Biotechnology


Council Members

Igor Baranov, PhD

Deputy director for Innovations and Research

AlexeyBakholdin, PhD

Head of Department of Applied and Computer Optics


Nikolay Belashenkov, PhD

Head of Research and Development Department

Pavel Belov, PhD
Chief Research Scientist of International Institute of Photonics and Optoinformatics

Alexey Bobtsov, PhD

Dean of Computer Technologies and Management Faculty. Head of Informatics and Applied Mathematics, Department of Management Systems and Informatics Depts.

Vladislav Bougrov, PhD

Head of Department of Modern Functional Materials

Alexander Boukhanovsky, Phd

Director of eScience Research Institute, chair of the High Performance Comping Department

Marina Bud'ko, PhD

Deputy dean of Military Education Department

Aleksander Ishevsky, PhD

Dean of Food Technology Faculty, Chair of Department of Meat and Fish Processing and Canning by Cold

Philip Kazin, PhD

Head of Department for Project Management Development

Sergey Kozlov

Dean of Photonics and Optical Information Technology Faculty, Chair of Department of Photonics and Optical Information Technology


Valerii Korotaev, PhD

Head of the R&D center «Optical and laser systems», Head for the research and education center for opto-electronic instrument making.

Gennady Lukjanov, PhD

Dean of the Faculty of Physical Engineering, Chair of Department of Electronics

Galina Lukjanova, PhD

Dean of Postgraduate Education, Faculty of Higher Qualification Expert Training

Vitaliy Melnikov, PhD

Head of Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

Igor Meshkovskiy, PhD

Head of Department of Light-Guided Photonics

Nikolay Nikonorov, PhD

Director of Research Institute for Nanophotonics and Optoinformatics, chair of Optoinformatic Technologies and Materials Department


Vladimir Parfenov, PhD

Dean of Faculty of Informational Technologies and Programming

Valery Pelenko, PhD

Professor, Deputy Dean of Studies

Olga Sergienko, PhD

Head of Department of Industrial Ecology

Oleg Stepanov, PhD

Deputy Head of Department of Information and Navigation Systems

Valentin Tomasov, PhD

Head of Department of Electrotechnics and Precision Electromechanical Systems

Anatoly Fedorov, PhD

Director of Center for Information Optical Technologies, Head of the Department of Optical Physics and Modern Natural Science


Evgenii Yakovlev, PhD

Professor in the Department of Laser Technologies and Green Instrumentation

Council Secretary

Olga Sergaeva, PhD

Chief Engineer of Research and Development Department 

Phone: +7 (812) 233– 01- 55