Университет ИТМО


Research Institutes and Centers


Research Center for Nanophotonics and Optoinformatics


Director: Nikolai Nikonorov
+ 7 (812) 337-68-81

Deputy Director: Aleksei Rokhmin
+7 (812) 337-6882


eScience Research Institute

Research Center for High Performance Computing  was established to coordinate cross-disciplinary research using latest computer technologies. 

The research here is targeted at improving the quality of fundamentals of problem-oriented software complexes development via formal, mathematically founded symbiotic methods.


  Director: Aleksandr Bukhanovsky
   +7 (812) 337-64-91
   Email: avb_mail@mail.ru


Research Center for Laser Physics

Research Center for Laser Physics was established  to provide effective partnership in applied and fundamental research resulting in production of world’s first innovative products of laser physics.

Research is carried out mainly in the fields of high power solid lasers with control and correction systems, gas lasers, eye-proof diode lasers, diffusive optical tomography and nanophotonics.


Research Advisor: Arthur Mack
+7 (812) 457-18-61


Center for Information Optical Technologies

Center for Information Optical Technologies is a unique Bachelor’s and Master’s education base in the field of optical nanotechnologies. Our Center provides a contiguous value chain from education and research to development and application. 


Director: Anatoly Fedorov
+7 (812) 457-17-80


Learning, Scientific and Manufacturing center “Russar”

Learning, Scientific and Manufacturing Center “Russar” is committed to realizing the products of fundamental and applied research projects of the University. Our center provides development and manufacturing facilities for supporting both research and education needs of the University.

The quality of the Center production remains very high, resulting in many successful cooperation projects with external partners.


Director: Dmitri Rumjanzev
+7 (812) 315-71-44


Research and Learning Center “Nanotechnologies”

The goal of the Research and Learning Center “Nanotechnologies” is to find new approaches to miniaturization as well as the use of new materials and processes for future electronic applications.

The main research areas of our Center include nanophotonics, functional and composite nanomaterials and nanosystems, organic nanoelectronics, nanodiagnostics and nanomodification.


Research Advisor: Vladimir Vasilyev
+7 (812) 233-00-89


Managing Director: Aleksandr Golubok
+7 (812) 498-10-65


Joint Use Center “Prototypes and Commercial Design”

Joint Use Center “Prototypes and Commercial Design” provides R&D and technical support to fundamental and applied innovation activity. Its services include prototypes and details manufacturing for Master and PhD researches as well as partnership program and orders. 


Director: Aleksei Gribovksy
+7 (812) 457-17-88