Университет ИТМО



Vice-rector for science and research, professor

Vladimir Nikoforov, PhD

(812) 233-42-93

e-mail: nikiforov@mail.ifmo.ru


Director of the Research and development department 
Nikolai Belashenkov
(812) 233-01-55

Deputy director of the Research and development department 

Leonid Studenikin

(812) 498-10-7

Economic and Financial Division of the R&D Department 

Dept. Head: Valentina Grigorjeva

(812) 498-18-08

e-mail: finnich@mail.ifmo.ru

Department of Intellectual Property and Scientific and Technical Information

Dept. Head: Ljudmila Kazar

(812) 232-41-56

e-mail: kazar@mail.ifmo.ru

Market Research Department

Dept. Head: Daria Mironova

(812) 457-18-02

e-mail: mironova@mail.ifmo.ru

Department of International Research

Dept. Head:  Irina Melchakova

(812) 457-1847

e-mail: iresearch@mail.ifmo.ru

Department for Marketing and commercialization of R&D

Dept. Head:  Sergei Pokrovsky

(812) 457-1845

e-mail: spokr2006@mail.ru

Department for Collaboration with High-Tech Industry

Dept. Head:  Aleksandr Fandeev 

(812) 457-1845

e-mail: fandeev@rambler.ru

Department for Collaboration with Tech Platforms

Dept. Head:  Vladimir Shutov

(812) 457-1845

e-mail: volodyashutov@yandex.ru

Department of Training of Highly Qualified Personnel

Dean: Galina Lukyanova

(812) 232-0995

e-mail: aspirantura@mail.ifmo.rulukianova@mail.ifmo.ru

Department of International Master and PhD Programs

Dept. Head: Maria Skvorzova

(812) 232-8095

e-mail: aspirantura@mail.ifmo.ru

Department for Collaboration with the Dissertation Council

Dept. Head: Aleksandr Belozubov

(812) 232-0995
Master Programs Management
Dept. Head: Tatiana Tochilina

(812) 232-0464 

e-mail: fppo@mail.ifmo.ru 

Admissions to the Master Programs

Dept. Head: Jurii Monakhov

(812) 233-12-70, +7(952) 228-34-63

e-mail: magistr@mail.ifmo.ru

Student Research Department

Dept. Head: Oleg Eliseev

(812) 232-04-64

e-mail: nirs@mail.ifmo.ru